Public Safety

--Dan's support helped our city hire more police officers and increase neighborhood patrols.  (The number of city authorized police officers is up by 40 over just three years ago.)

--Dan helps citizens organize neighborhood watch groups to deter crime.  He has helped neighbors organize these watch groups in five new areas in just the past six months. 

--Dan made it harder to dispose of stolen property and easier to catch those who try by leading the passage of tougher pawnshop rules.  Now, anyone who pawns items at any shop in the city must present photo ID, which is copied and kept on file.  Plus, all pawnshops must provide an electronic list of items pawned on a same-day basis to the Police Department, for quick and easy comparison to items reported stolen.

--Dan led the adoption of traffic safety efforts to reduce speeding and reckless driving in our neighborhoods.  The city's "traffic calming" program provides a systematic way to implement safety measures where they will help, from lane striping and 4-way stops to center island medians and redesigned intersections.